Outsourcing, cloud and SAAS

We are recognised as leading experts in IT and business process outsourcing.

From pure play IT outsourcing (traditional desktop and cloud or SaaS solutions) to transformational business process outsourcing, we have an international reputation for successfully delivering large and complicated procurement projects.

Our experience includes advising:

a global fast service restaurant chain on its transformational outsourcing programme including advising on the omni-channel outsourcing of customer relationship management services and also on core infrastructure supply and maintenance logistics;

one of the UK’s largest charities on its transformational change programme including the transformation and outsourcing of the charity‚Äôs information technology infrastructure and the outsourcing of contact centre services to a single national contact centre service provider;

a European energy company on all aspects of its five-year UK information technology outsourcing. This included a a framework agreement for the provision of applications maintenance and desktop optimisation services;

a UK company on a number of agreements for the development of information technology and the provision of information technology maintenance and support services to project manage a major construction programme in the UK;

a global oil company its second-generation global HR outsourcing. This was a significant strategic transformation outsourcing, driven at board level and included negotiating interim and final, design and build agreements for process design, operational management and business process outsourcing in the UK and the US;

an international insurance company on a significant transformational outsourcing and business process restructuring project with a number of suppliers for the provision of insurance administration services to and from the United Kingdom, United States, Kuala Lumpar, the Philippines and India;

a UK insurance company on the outsourcing of the facilities management outsourcing of a broad range of office services in relation to all its offices in the UK to a UK facilities management provider;

a US insurance company on the outsourcing of its UK hosting and data warehousing functions to an Asian information technology provider;

a large UK bank on the global outsourcing of the administration, support and maintenance of its global HR administration platform; and

a large UK asset management company on a business transformation outsourcing deal to transfer the “middle office” institutional administration function of its business to a New York investment bank.