Commercial technology transactions

Our experience of supporting our clients to buy, sell or otherwise exploit technology is second to none.

We’ve successfully negotiated thousands of transactions for our clients with a combined value of over $10 billion.

From creating contracts for a start-up for the first licensing of its software to assisting a FTSE 100 company purchase a new technology platform.

Our experience includes advising:

a global fast service restaurant chain on the licensing of a new customer relationship management system;

a European energy company on all aspects of its five-year UK information technology outsourcing including advising on a framework agreement for the provision of information technology services and work orders for the provision of applications maintenance and desktop optimisation services;

a global construction company on a number of agreements for the development of information technology and the provision of information technology maintenance and support services to project manage a major construction programme in the UK;

a UK insurance company on its UK IT and outsourcing procurement policy and methodology for supply chain management including putting in place a suite of standard form agreements;

a US insurance company on the outsourcing of its UK hosting and data warehousing functions to an Asian information technology provider;

a UK ‘Software-as-a-Service’ technology provider on a number of multi-million dollar deals with international companies in the retail sector;

a global food delivery service on its arrangements for technology hosting with a global provider of technology hosting services;

an early stage provider of optical display software on the license of its consumer product software to hardware manufacturers in the US, China and Europe;

an Australian telecommunications service provider on its interconnection arrangements with a European telecommunications infrastructure provider; and

a leading augmented reality company on the arrangements for the provision of its products and service to a global pharmaceutical group.