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Tina Jenkins

Tina Jenkins

Chartered Management Accountant
Head of Accounts

Tina leads the accounts function at Garfield Smith – Technology & Data Lawyers. She is a seasoned Chartered Management Accountant with over thirty years of experience. She specialises in providing tailored accounting solutions and also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership. Tina not only excels in financial management for law firms she also actively engages in independent financial reviews for charities upholding the highest standards of professional integrity.

Tina’s expertise and role includes navigating the complex regulatory framework of the Solicitors Accounts Rules whilst optimising cash flow management. Tina leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and drive efficiency; ensuring the firm thrives in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

At a personal level, Tina cherishes her role as a mother to two wonderful daughters. Beyond her professional pursuits, Tina is a certified Reiki Master and an esteemed trainer in integrated energy therapy.


  • Accounting and Financial Management;
  • Solicitors Account Rules Compliance;
  • Sustainable Leadership; and
  • Independent financial reviews for charities.